Our Drive

  • We believe in crafting and sharing authentic knowledge that makes our organizations better
  • We take joy in networking our partners with the thought-leaders of our domain
  • We feel pride in enhancing our partners’ lives through Strategy, Consulting and Education
  • We do this with Integrity and Professionalism; yesterday, today and tomorrow
  • We have No Clients, Only Partners.

Message from our CEO

ADVISORS operates via an ecosystem of Knowledge Hubs, Commercial Partners, International experts, Networking Affiliates and Network Communities. 

Collectively, we possess the experience, capabilities and outreach to provide various solutions including Program Management, Digitalization Transformation, and impact sustainability for our clients and beneficiaries.

Together, we are stronger.

We measure our success when ADVISORS actually help your organizations realize sustainable benefits with true impact, and achieve a status where you do not need us anymore.

Our Services

ADVISORS is a professional service provider for Capacity Building, Consulting, Networking & Conferencing, and Outsourcing Services. Some of our integrated solutions:

  1. Strategy Implementation Roadmap Assessment, Training and Professional Services
  2. Benefits Realization Management Framework including Definition, Realization, Transfer and Sustainability
  3. Portfolio Management for Vision Realization – Full Implementation
  4. Program Management Office Setup and Implementation
  5. Project Management Audit and Assistance of Troubled Projects
  6. Knowledge Management Coaching, Training and Consulting
  7. Digital Transformation Programs and Roadmap Development
  8. Training for a Purpose - over 60 courses in various fields
  9. Capacity Building and Career Programs
  • Project Engineer Post-Graduate Diploma - under accreditation process by APMG International
CEO Image