Assessment and Audit

Companies are increasingly looking to third parties for qualified assistance to help them assess their project management maturity.  They recognize that an external party can bring invaluable knowledge, competence, and most importantly, objectivity.

An assessment carried out using a standardized and organized approach such as the OPM3 custom methodology by a certified OPM3 Assessor, together with the Assessment and Improvement Tools, gives the most accurate and effective evaluation of any organization’s project management maturity.  This evaluation is done by comparing the organization to the current industry best practices as accumulated and provided in the Project Management Institute’s standard. It is a crucial and indispensable technique for efficient process and policy improvements.

The information generated by a maturity assessment provides the organization with a clear picture of what is working and not working in regards to organizational project management.  In addition to this critical information, a set of recommendations to increase maturity is provided, as well as a detailed roadmap of what activities should be started and in what sequence.


The value added services for Audit and Assessment include:
1.    On-site stakeholder analysis activities 
2.    Organizational Maturity workshops
3.    Person-to-person interviews with key stakeholders
4.    Finalizing maturity Scoring and Gap Analysis reports 
5.    Presentation and discussion of results 


The Return on Investment for a properly concluded assessment facilitates the identification of strengths or capabilities to keep and capitalize on, while highlighting low-hanging fruits, or quick wins for improvement. Simultaneously, an in-depth OPM3 assessment provides in-depth view on the challenges, whether caused by missing practices or malpractices. A quality assessments helps in the prioritization for investing the improvement activities where it provides payback the most.