Portfolio and BRM

Portfolio Management is a discipline often utilized by Strategic Management Office, or Vision Realization Office. It enables proper alignment and selection of initiatives and investments to realize organizational strategy.

Portfolio management framework refers to the centralized management of running projects and programs to achieve strategic objectives. Our services provides guidance and implementation support in project and program alignment with strategic objectives, project and program prioritization and selection, communications management, enterprise risk, supply and demand balance, performance management and reporting.

A Strategic Management Office SMO usually uses balanced score cards and other means of setting KPIs and works directly for the board of directors, facilitating proper execution and follow-up of their decisions, while collecting the needed KPIs from other business functions. SMO is usually a permanent organization.

Vision Realization Office VRO is a specific type of SMO that combines aspects of SMA and transformational management. In general the VRO follows the general directions of a centralized SMO, but selects and prioritizes the initiatives for the organization based on the aligned objectives and capacity.