Selecting and Managing Profitable Projects

Workshop Overview

This course is designed for participants to effectively gain understanding of the balance between supply and demand projects in any organization with the main objective of increasing profitability. The course also addresses the design and integration aspects between business development and project management procedures; it guides attendees through a solid roadmap empowered by business development and project management best practices.  Moreover, this course provides a new structured approach to how to initiate a new Business venture, startup or entrepreneurial initiative as a project to increase its chances of success. 
Learning Objectives

  • Learn the value of integrating project management practices with business development processes
  • Identify the value of demand and supply projects to the organization
  • Define and apply successful Business Development strategies
  • Understand the importance of the integrated lifecycle management framework ILMF
  • Develop a complete business case for a startup or a business initiatives
  • Practice the newly acquired concepts through hands-on activities and interactive exercises & discussions using a variety of case studies   

Course Outline

  • Strategic portfolio management
  • Balancing Supply and demand projects
  • The Business development lifecycle and processes
  • Proposal writing: proposal quality, schedule, communications and risk
  • Mapping project management best practices to business development processes
  • Internal capacity building for demand projects
  • Internal capacity building for supply projects
  • Quality management systems
  • Professional training and development
  • PMO initiation and operations
  • External contracts kickoff and execution
  • Integrated Lifecycle Management Framework (ILMF)
  • Developing the Business case for a new initiative
  • Building an entrepreneurial business model
  • Feasibility and new ideas  
  • Project Management for a Startup organization 

Course Duration

24 Hours  
Workshop Format

Interactive sessions matched with exercises and discussions. 
Intended Audience

Business analysts, Project team members, Functional managers, Chief Executive Officers, Business Development Managers, Finance Managers, Human Resources Managers, Project Managers, Program Managers and Information Technology Managers.

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