Breaking Organizational Silos (ILMF)

Workshop Overview

The phenomenon of business silos widely exists in numerous organizations and across multiple industries, especially between demand pipeline and supply pipeline business units. The lack of integration and collaboration causes organizations to lose on poorly estimated projects, where the scope of work in not clearly identified. The ILMF proposes an organizational process, with defined process governance across a continuum for one organizational process that spans over multiple business units. The successful implementation of ILMF raises profitability. 
Learning Objectives

  1. Gain valuable knowledge about bridging organizational silos
  2. Enhance corporate communications and organization collaborations
  3. Propose a model of governance to facilitate integrated management framework 

Course Outline

  • Introduction to The Integrated Life Cycle Management Framework (ILMF)
  • Organizational Portfolio Management of Supply and Demand:
    • Strategic Alignment and Business Development Office 
    • Performance Management and Program Management Office 
  • Business Development Life Cycle:
    • Innovation and New Product Development  
    • Capture Management (Opportunity Management) and Proposal Management
  • Program Life Cycle:
    • Internal Development Programs
    • Transformational Change Management Programs
    • Execution Programs
    • Partnership Programs includes both Development and Execution
  • Success Factors for ILMF:
    • Governance and Management Framework 
    • Life Cycle continuum and integration of process between Business Development and Project Execution 
    • Organizational and Business Culture 
    • Competency and skills 
    • Knowledge Management 
    • Demand and Supply 
  • Process Governance Integration Matrix:
    • Defining Phases
    • Defining Roles
    • Process Activation
    • Process Ownership
    • Endorsement
    • Governance Bylaws  

Course Duration

16 Hours 

Workshop Format

Interactive sessions matched with exercises and discussions. 
Intended Audience

Members of Board of Directors, Business Development Directors and Managers, Innovation and New Product Development Seniors, Sales Directors, PMO Directors, Program Managers, Quality Managers, General Managers,  Developers, Directors, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Owners, Internal Auditors, Portfolio Managers and Officers. 

Advanced Strategic Business and Organizational Development 

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