Transformational Change Management

Workshop Overview

Change management is one of the most highly coveted skills at management and leadership levels. Managers and Executives find themselves compelled to initiate and lead change to success in their organizations. It requires specific know-how as well as a leading attitude. This course will cover seductive pitfalls of change; a solid blueprint to change management for change leaders and agents, tools and techniques, and impact of change.  

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize pitfalls for change and avoid them  
  • Develop a Full Impact Assessment for Changes in the Organization
  • Evaluate a change management plan  
  • Categorize stakeholders, classify them, and choose a communication strategy for each category
  • Acquire some tools for measuring impact of change  
  • Learn tools for sustaining change and acquiring business value  
  • Acquire the knowledge required to leading a change initiative from its early steps to value realization 

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Organizational Change Management  
  • Models of Change Management: History and Common Grounds  
  • Pitfalls of Change Management  
  • Anticipatory Leadership: Seeing the Current State and Predicting the Future State 
  • Impact Assessment  
  • Implementation: Challenges & Opportunities  
  • Planning to Measure Change: How do we do it? 
  • Stakeholders of Change  
  • Training & Job gap analysis 
  • Guidelines for Communication 
  • Transition Management 
  • Sustainability and Knowledge Management  
  • Business Value and Realization  
  • Process Development 
  • Implementation: Challenges & Opportunities
  • Measurement tools and techniques: How do we measure change?
  • Stakeholders of Change, Impact Wheel
  • Training & Job gap analysis 

Course Duration

24 Hours 
Workshop Format

Interactive lecture presentations that engage the students to discuss the key concepts. 
Intended Audience

All types of audiences and industries.

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