Leadership and Communication Skills

This 3-days workshop is the capstone of years of research and practice-led and lived by renowned individuals and organizations.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and Understand own leadership practices
  • Understand Strategy & Alignment in Execution
  • Develop approach to optimize strengths and overcome weaknesses
  • Gain knowledge and ability to apply the 70-20-10 approach
  • Improve Goal-Setting through activities
  • Assess situation for timely ethical decisions
  • Apply models of coaching
  • Develop Leadership Plan Development
  • Develop a high-level change management plan for an organizational change

Course Outline:

  1. Alignment with Vision, Mission & Strategy
  2. Persona, Demeanor, and Genuine-Ism
  3. Dealing with complexity and ambidexterity Developmental Heat Principles 
  4. Models for Problem Solving
  5. Decision Making & Accountability
  6. Leadership in Meetings, Time Management
  7. Talent Management and Development (Coaching & Mentoring)
  8. Change Management and/or Reorganization Assessment and Planning
  9. High Impact Communication and Presentations
  10. Answering Difficult Questions
  11. Negotiation- Overview
  12. Diplomacy and Rebuttals


Workshop Format Interactive sessions empowered with discussions, exercises and case studies.

Intended Audience Some management or supervision experience is required.

Identifying Candidates Background

Candidates will be asked the following questions for selection and need identifying by ADVISORS:

  1. Seniority Level?
  2. Role?
  3. Education background?
  4. Years in the company?
  5. Team leading or lead by inside the company?
  6. HR proposed promotion/ Career Plan?­
  7. Strategic HR objectives per candidate?
  8. Expectations?

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