PMIS KPIs and Dashboards

Workshop Overview

Visibility of information and powerful reporting are two of the important pillars that contribute to the success of the PMO. Building powerful and interactive dashboards using the most relevant key performance indicators or KPIs is one of the key functions that the PMO Manager oversees. This course offers an in-depth experience into the selection, implementation and upkeep of Project Management Information Systems (PMIS). In addition, it focuses on skills of organizing and showcasing the right data in the right place and to the right audience.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the importance and priority of reporting through dashboards and other tools and interfaces.
  2. Gain sound knowledge in developing and maintaining Key Performance Indicators KPIs in a project environment to serve multiple objectives and needs.
  3. Learn the difference between reporting requirements of the different levels of management from senior directors to project coordinators.
  4. Get an in depth look into the current project management applications that integrate with dashboards and automated reporting
  5. Understand how designing the dashboards directly translates into its effectiveness and usefulness
  6. Learn data migration, integration, collection, management techniques that ultimately support the success of the KPIS and project dashboards

Course Outline

  • Overview of PMIS application
  • Reporting and Dashboards
  • Value of KPIs
  • Time and Cost Management KPIs
  • Customization of reporting levels
  • Dashboard design ad structure
  • Data management techniques
  • Data management and data entry
  • Novel concepts in Reporting
  • Self-Reporting KPIs and Dashboards

Course Duration

24 Hours

Intended Audience

Project Managers, Engineers and Planners, Information Technology Managers, all personnel that are involved in managing and coordinating Projects, Contract Administrators, Supervision Consultants, Project Engineers, Construction Managers.

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