Contracts Management and Planning

Workshop Overview

This course is designed to effectively gain the essential understanding of engineering contracts and outlines the various elements, types and conditions with emphasis on the Conditions of Contract for Construction.

Learning Objectives

  • Plan for contract management
  • Select and evaluate potential sellers
  • Negotiate and finalize the contract
  • Monitor contractor performance and resolve problems
  • Identify and address delays in performance
  • Modify contracts and exercise options
  • Select and pursue a formal contract remedy and recognize fraud
  • Describe contract claims procedures
  • Identify and resolve contract disputes
  • Terminate contracts for convenience, cause, or default
  • Close out contracts

Course Outline

  • Establishing procurement /contracting strategy
  • Selecting the procurement method
  • Form of tendering
  • Contract Type selection
  • Preparation the procurement schedule
  • Preparation of Pre-Qualification Documents  
  • Invitation To Prequalify
  • Issue & Submission Of Prequalification Documents
  • Analysis Of Prequalification  Applications
  • Selection Of Short-listed Tenderers
  • Preparation Of Tender Documents
  • Issue Of Tender Documents
  • Visit To Site By Tenderers
  • Addenda To Tender Documents
  • Submission And Receipt Of Tenders
  • Opening and Review Of Tenders
  • Tenders Containing Deviations
  • Evaluation Of Tenders  / Tenders Containing Deviations
  • Rejection Of All Tenders
  • Award Of Contract
  • Issue Letter Of Acceptance
  • Performance Security
  • Preparation Of Contract Agreement
  • Negotiation Strategies and Tactics
  • Developing Your Negotiation Strategy
  • Contract Administration Tasks, Roles and Responsibilities
  • Correspondence, Issues and Communications
  • Submittal Management
  • Subcontract Administration
  • Contract Modifications, Adjustments, Options, and Orders
  • Claims, Disputes Resolution, and Terminations

Course Duration

24 Hours
Intended Audience

Chief Executive Officers, Project Managers, Engineers and Planners, Information Technology Managers, and all personnel that are involved in managing and coordinating Projects, Contract Administrators , Commercial Managers, Project Engineers, Construction Managers, Procurement Specialists.


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