Project Management for NGOs and IGOs

Workshop Overview

This course is designed to effectively teach and provide key tools and techniques for people involved in project management in NGOs and IGOs. It covers the basics of project management in alignment with PMI’s standards, mapping between PMI’s terminology and the common terminology among NGOs, and developing a project idea into a full project plan. 
Learning Objectives

  • Use tools and techniques of project management in NGOs and IGOs  
  • Link between the Knowledge Areas in the PMBOK and NGOs, IGOs terminology  
  • Prepare a Project Charter (Project Concept Paper)  
  • Identify Key Stakeholders of their Projects & Know How to Engage Them
  • Develop a Project Work Breakdown Structure, Budget, and Schedule
  • Develop a project idea into a project management plan  
  • Perform proper Project Closure and After Action Review (Project’s Lessons Learned)  

Course Outline

  • Definition of a Project as per PMI  
  • Mapping Project Management Terminology as per PMI with NGO’s Common Terminology  
  • Project Life Cycle and Project Management Life Cycle  
  • Triple Constraint (Scope, Time & Cost)  
  • Concept Paper and Project Charter  
  • Stakeholder Register  
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)  
  • Activity Lists & Milestones  
  • RACI Matrix  
  • Gantt Chart & Time Estimating  
  • Cost Estimating & Budgeting  
  • Quality Assurance & Quality Control  
  • Risk Management  
  • Human Resources Management  
  • Communication Plan & Procedures  
  • Project Closure & Evaluation Process  

Course Duration

16 Hours 
 Workshop Format

Interactive sessions matched with exercises, discussions, and workshops.  
Intended Audience

Professionals and volunteers working in NGOs, IGOs or INGOs in addition to local NPOs and organizations, including but not limited to the following roles: Functional Managers, Program Managers, Project Managers, Project Coordinators, Project Expeditors, Project Team Members, Marketing Manager and Officers, Field Workers. 

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