Sales Skills and Competencies for FMCG

Workshop Overview

This workshop targets salespeople or members of sales teams who would like to improve their skills and competencies to better achieve their sales targets. The 2 days are full of lessons learned drawn from the work and experience of a seasoned sales practitioner and strategist who has been in the trenches for many years. A clear emphasis will be placed on activities, discussions, and role plays.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify approaches, and tools & techniques to improve selling performance 
  • Leveraging product features to sell benefits
  • Leverage Teamwork and Team spirit to help achieve sales target
  • Have the ability to solve sales challenges
  • Gain techniques to become highly competitive in the market

Course Outline

  • Overview of Workshop (Ground Rules, Activities, Role Plays)
  • The Salesperson 
    • Who is the salesperson?
    • Preparation List
    • SMART targets
    • Store/Stock Check/Displays
    • Workshops and Role Plays  
  • The Customer
    • Types and Characters of Customers
    • Approaches on how to handle them
    • Effective Communication with Customers
    • Leveraging 2-way communication (Listen and Speak)
    • Workshops and Role Plays

Day 1: Conceptual Sessions (7 hours)

Session 1:

  1. Introduction
  2. Team Work / Team Workshop           
  3. Sale definition & The Salesman            
  4. Video / GOAL Video 5 minutes

Session 2:

  1. Consumer Conversion /OOSout of stock
  2. Planogram / Eye Level & Category  
  3. Market share vs. current visibility                          
  4. Real Visual visibility pictures                               
  5. Compare with % Market Share
  6. %of Distribution before new launch   

Session 3:

  1. Working with the customers
  2. Managing Territories                         
  3. Route Calls & Zone Calls                                                        
  4. One hour Recap & FAQ frequent asking questions

Day 2: Application Sessions (7 hours)

Session 1:

  1. Working with The Customers
  2. Managing Territories                         
  3. Route calls & Zone Calls                    

Session 2:

  1. The Sales Presentation
  2. Role play groups / attendees
  3. Sales reps Characters /quick quiz 
    1. Well paid tourist  sales rep            
    2. Product peddler sales rep
    3. Consultative sales rep
    4. Category manager sales rep

Session 3:

Range Selling 

Selling Quality – Video Teacher       

Cash Collection                   


One hour Recap & FAQ

Course Duration

14 hours

 Workshop Format  

Example: Interactive sessions with exercises, discussions and in class group workshops 

Intended Audience 

Team members involved in sales, salesperson, professionals interested in the sales world.

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