Sales Acceleration Playbook – Part 1. Building a World Class Sales Team and Early Customer Engagement

Workshop Overview

Sales Acceleration Playbook – Part 1 is a workshop that addresses the early stages in the sales cycle, walks through how to create a leading sales team, training and how to approach the initial stages of customer engagement.  Using metrics in the early stages to ensure that effort and resources is being concentrate in the right direction. The process and schedule to manage the early stages of the sales engagement.

The key to the workshop is improving your Probability of Win (PWIN).  “bid less and win more”.

With prior arrangement, real use cases and bids can be used as part of the workshop content.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding selection of sales team
  • Understanding training and incentivizing a sales team
  • Selecting the right leads
  • Understanding using metrics to drive PWIN
  • Understanding managing stakeholders
  • Understanding how to create a sales campaign that uses inbound sales and outbound

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Building a sales team
  • Training a sales team
  • Incentivising a sales team
  • Selecting leads
  • Using Metrics
  • Managing stakeholders
  • Creating an inbound and outbound sales campaign

Course Duration

16 hours (usually delivered as 8 hours per day over 2 days)

 Workshop Format

 Interactive sessions with many exercises, discussions and in class group workshops.

Intended Audience

The workshop is suitable for all functions including senior management, sales, operations, bid management, commercial, engineering and legal. 

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