Talent Management

Workshop Overview

Skill-gaps and non-traditional workplace arrangements driven by demographic trends and digital transformation have intensified the war for talent across sectors and industries, forcing HR professionals and senior business executives to understand their organization’s key talent management challenges and uncover solutions to overcome them.

This 2-day workshop examines current trends and cutting-edge thinking in the talent management field.  More importantly, the workshop provides insights, frameworks and tools to effectively create and manage a robust talent pipeline for your team and organization through an integrated, systematic approach to attracting, developing, engaging, and retaining critical talent.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop professionally and continue to learn about the latest trends and ideas in talent management
  • Promote the organization as a good place to work
  • Develop and implement effective HR branding and recruiting strategies.
  • Plan and integrate new employees into organization
  • Build effective employee relations
  • Develop programs and processes that motivate and retain employees
  • Create a work environment that results in high retention and productivity
  • Support the organizations’ goals through training and educational programs
  • Establish programs to identify and develop leaders and HIPOTS (high potentials)
  • Create succession plan and promote the development of future leaders

Course Outline

  • Research highlights: talent challenges of today, the state of talent management
  • Dramatic shift in human capital management to meet the coming challenge: new people, new technologies and new role for HR
  • Workforce Planning and Talent Acquisition
    • From "sourcing and recruiting" to "talent acquisition”
    • Business-driven workforce planning: formulating a recruitment plan
    • Creating and maintaining employer value proposition (EVP) and employment brand
    • Talent acquisition related activities and
    • Talent acquisition metrics (e.g., cost per hire, time to fill).
  • Employee Development
    • Training & development, knowledge management, and the learning organization
    • Understanding the adult learner
    • Theories of motivation and their applications
    • Roles in managing career development
    • Career and employee development programs
    • Leadership development
  • Employee Engagement & Retention
    • What is employee engagement? The nature and drivers of employee engagement
    • The roles of HR and management in engaging employees
    • Guidelines for developing effective employee engagement initiatives
    • HR’s role in developing positive and proactive employee relations programs
    • Five retention factors and five key areas to address
    • Metrics and surveys
  • Succession Planning
    • Characteristics of effective succession program
    • Rothwell’s seven-pointed star succession model
    • Developing internal successors
    • Replacement plannin g

Course Duration

16 Hours

Workshop Format

Interactive sessions empowered with discussions, exercises and case studies.

Intended Audience

  1. Workshop is designed for Human Resource (HR) professionals, business leaders, line managers, business owners, entrepreneurs and consultants in ALL industries that want to make a strategic impact by helping organizations win the war for talent.

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