EPC Lifecycle Management and Site Management (Supervision, Inspection, MOC)

Managing the EPC contracts are usually complicated and require special expertise and knowledge. This course covers the unique requirements related to EPC projects, Lifecycle, phases and gates. Moreover, participants will have an overview on project interfaces, procurement and its phases, pre-Commissioning, commissioning and start-up. Also major construction management activities are explained and tools and techniques to monitor and control project performance are introduced.

This course will also provide engineers with the knowledge and skills to enable them managing of quality control and the inspection of work carried out healthy and safe conditions for construction site employees. It will cover areas such as developing and maintaining good working relationships; establishing, implementing and maintaining systems for managing construction sites; monitoring project activities; organizing, controlling and monitoring supplies of materials.

Learning Objectives


  • Know how to define and manage an EPC project
  • Understand the importance and the main functions of engineering, procurement and construction phases
  • Understand the issues that must be addressed to become more effective in timely and cost effective delivery of projects
  • Draft clear and effective contracts to identify and mitigate risk and liabilities
  • Understand EPC and other project specific contracts to identify assignable causes for the successes and failures of EPC contracts
  • Review Performance Measures to understand the process for score carding and develop the basis for establishing the KPI
  • Understand the processes and the techniques of site management for engineering projects
  • Gain sound knowledge of the tools and requirements specific for site management tasks and functions, including risk assessment, cost estimation, quality control and inspection, forecasting, scheduling and task and productivity management.
  • Understand the strategies and methodologies of merging technology with construction projects
  • Implement the newly acquired skills within a hands-on framework including case studies, exercises and discussions


Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • EPC lifecycle, stage gates, and phases
  • Different types of EPC contracts
  • Project interfaces,
  • Procurement in EPC Projects
  • EPC Project Schedule Requirements
  • Common Risks
  • Pre-commissioning
  • Commissioning and Startup
  • Completion
  • Contract and risk management
  • Cost estimation
  • Project scheduling
  • Inspection and testing
  • Construction site productivity
  • Construction site technology
  • Quality control
  • Defining and selecting document control systems
  • Identifying and quantifying contingencies
  • Factors affecting delivery/ productivity
  • Monitoring productivity
  • On-site productivity improvement methods
  • Implementing productivity programs

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