Health and Safety Management

Workshop Overview

This course will provide engineers with the knowledge and skills to enable them managing of quality control, health and safety checks and the inspection of work carried out healthy and safe conditions for construction site employees. It will covers areas such as developing and maintaining good working relationships; establishing, implementing and maintaining systems for managing health, safety and welfare; monitoring project activities; organizing, controlling and monitoring supplies of materials.

Learning Objectives

  • Know what is expected of site operatives and how they contribute to the safety of the workplace
  • Understand the need to prevent accidents and the importance of reporting accidents and unsafe acts
  • Acquire a basic understanding of health and safety law
  • Understand the need for risk assessments and method statements
  • Be able to identify how their role fits into the safety management on the site
  • Have an appreciation of the need to work safely and to stop and ask for advice if unsure
  • Have an understanding of health & welfare, manual handling, working at height, fire prevention and control, emergency procedures & first aid, electrical safety on site, hazardous substances, hand-held equipment and tools, noise and vibration, excavations and confined spaces, and site transport safety on site.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to health and safety management
  • Construction safety and health: An Overview
  • Safety as value added activity and the impact of accidents
  • Making safety work
  • International governance and regulatory bodies
  • Monitoring and managing safety performance
  • Roles in construction safety
  • Designing for safety and health in the environment
  • Health hazards (chemical and biological hazards, physical health hazards)
  • Climate, culture and behavior-based management programs and techniques
  • System safety tools and techniques
  • Intro to risk modeling for safety improvement
  • Systematic approaches to safety management
  • Intro to the Human Factors Analysis and Classification System
  • Using data to develop safety interventions
  • Safety audits and accident investigations

Course Duration:

24 Hours

Intended Audience

Project Managers in the construction industry, Engineers and Planners, Information Technology Managers, all personnel that are involved in managing and coordinating Projects, Contract Administrators, Contractors, Supervision Consultants, Project Engineers, Construction Managers, Procurement Specialists.

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