Value Engineering

Course Description

The objective of this training seminar is to train the attendees on how to apply the principles of value engineering methodology to control project costs and enhance project quality as part of total quality management. In addition, qualify participants to be able to take the VMA (Value Methodology Associate) Exam that can qualify participants to take the CVS exam to be Certified Value Specialist CVS as per SAVE International Certification Board for those interested participants if they so desire. Additional cost per participant to take the VMA Exam is 1120 SR/ Examinee. 
Course Objectives:  

  • Prepare Quality Model  
  • Identify functions of systems  
  • Prepare Function Analysis System Technique (FAST)  
  • Associate cost and allocate worth to functions  
  • Apply creative techniques  
  • Develop design alternatives  
  • Systematically judge objective choices  
  • Prepare a Uniformat cost Estimate
  • Perform Life Cycle Cost analysis  
  • Prepare function cost model  
  • Prepare Computerized Cost Model  
  • Leadership Techniques  
  • Communication and Presentation skills 

Course Curriculum

The curriculum for Module I seminar is an intensive 40-hour lecture/study format. Approximately 60% of the time will be large group lecture/ discussions and 40% of the time will be small groups/ teams applying VE techniques learned to a selected sample project. Participants will work in teams, focusing on ways to reduce total project cost, enhance quality and improve project systems.  At the last day of Module I Seminar, participants will present their proposals recommending changes to improve the overall value of the Desalination project under study. For those who are interested in taking the VMA Exam which could be offered on a later date after proper arrangement, registering for the exam and paying the exam fees to SAVE International and also taking a refreshing lecture about the VMA Exam type of questions.

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