Leading Virtually with Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence accounts for nearly 90 percent of what sets high performers apart from peers with similar technical skills and knowledge - Harvard Business Review, 2019

Workshop Overview

Leadership is not overrated. In fact, in spite of their importance, IQ and technical skills are considered entry-level requirements for executive positions. The good news is that having and leading with emotional intelligence can be improved and developed. This workshop is an opportunity for all project, program, and organization leaders to seriously reflect and develop their Emotional Intelligence skills and leverage them in their personal and professional lives.
Learning Objectives

1.Assessing one’s emotional intelligence and developing skills

2.Communicating with emotional intelligence

3.Leveraging empathy to establish and maintain healthy relationships 

4.Being assertive but diplomatic with peers and reports 

5.Asking the right questions

6.Applying emotional intelligence to persuasion and negotiation initiatives 

7.Leading change initiatives with emotional intelligence

8.Using thinking agility to turn crises into opportunities



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