Beyond Making Do: Taking Project Model Reviews to the Next Level in the Time of COVID-19

Overview of Vizworx award-winning model review solution


Prior to COVID-19, classical infrastructure model reviews were characterized by large group meetings in a single room with a large 2D screen.  In the time of COVID-19, the requirement for social distancing has morphed these reviews into video chats and screen sharing, rendering what was already a somewhat cumbersome process into one that has become even less effective. 

However, like the step change from blueprints to 3D models, advances in digital technology have provided the opportunity to completely rethink the model review process itself.  Instead of a single shared view that disengages 2/3rds of the participants, the latest in model review technologies provides individualized experiences within a shared environment, the digital equivalent of a physical site visit.  Like a physical site visit, these new individualized experiences increase participant engagement and drive deeper insights and understanding. 

The results are significantly reduced rework costs and time, all while increasing the safety, efficiency and maintainability of the resulting facility.  This webinar will feature a live demonstration of Panoptica, an award-winning model review solution, and allow webinar participants to try some of its capabilities themselves.


Learning Objectives 

  1. A more effective way to review project infrastructure designs, while maintaining social distancing
  2. The benefits of individualized experiences in a shared environment for project model reviews
  3. The future of infrastructure project model reviews

Replay Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imWLGZ95dJs&t=306s

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