Project Management Skills - an Imperative for Change Leadership in the Knowledge Age

“Every few hundred years … there occurs a sharp transformation … in a few short decades, society rearranges itself … 50 years later ... a new world ... We are currently living through just such a transformation.” ~Peter Drucker


In the last few millennia, the world has gone thru four major transformations that substantially affect human occupations. We have morphed from dependence on muscle power to computer power (the Information Age) to ‘Knowledge is Power’ (the Knowledge Age). Knowledge Management (KM) is the discipline that will lead this transformation and knowledge-based, organizational leadership is imperative.

Who is going to lead these major organizational changes?

As a transformational discipline, KM requires advanced project management skills not generally available in the marketplace. KM is an emerging opportunity for Project Management professionals to gain leadership positions in the Knowledge Age (economy, society, culture)?

Learning Objectives 

  1. What is this major episodic change that is driving the Knowledge-Age transformation?
  2. Is such an adaptation an imperative? 
  3. What are the implications for all types of organizations and human occupations?
  4. Most importantly, what are the opportunities for Project Management professionals?

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