Giga-Projects - Transforming to Basics


Clients Expectations of project execution have become extremely Time-based. Transformation to manage RISKS and uncertainties, has become an imperative. Its an obligation for Project management professionals to be aware of the hidden/rooted key factors of projects success.

For the past few years, a number of Mega programs have not been able to complete their story. Occasionally, a champion comes along and complete it somehow. However, and by that time, the program flame and fame has slowly diminished. It is essential to understand how we are able to transform our projects using our conventional and basic skills and methods but with utilizing new technologies.

The right process, scalability, Leadership, Culture/philosophy, Gaining benefits before overall project completion,  the Set-Up, thinking-of-the End at the start,  transforming failure to success, the clarity, the approach, the e-tools to be used are all activities that will be shared during this Webinar. 

There is evidence from previous actual completion of projects implementing these activities to have a great positive impact on successful completions. However, the attitude and the Energy of the people matter the most throughout the full period of project execution.

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