Key Ingredients to Successful Digitalization Projects


Business value has already resulted from many digitalization technology implementations, but there are still many opportunities to be captured and many lessons to learn. 

Appropriately, applied digital technology can be a game-changer for the upstream business of the future. However, applying these technologies and attaining their maximum value is easier said than done as many companies are finding out.

Operators and technology providers are still exploring venues to create adaptive business environments capable of integrating technological changes into their strategies and business value architecture. Continued improvisation of implementation methods can result in the perception that digitalization projects are uncertain and wasteful to warrant significant time, attention, and resources. Although, the fundamentals of the energy industry have not changed much, the evolution of the various technologies has surfaced out new set of expertise, knowledge, competencies and challenges.

This precious knowledge can be used to formulate plans that satisfy business needs and expectations, and account for various unintended consequences.  This presentation is based on actual experience and it undertakes the mission of uncovering the ingredients to leverage technological advancements, knowledge, experience, and decision making to accelerate the progress of digitalization endeavors. 

It clearly explains that similar ingredients don not have to produce similar results. It emphasizes one of the most important ingredient is influential leaders who have power and vision. These leaders are the ones who do not only introduce changes as concepts, but they are the ones who make these changes happen, accelerate progress and yield greater value.


Learning Objectives 

  1. The Enablers of Digital Transformation
  2. Similar Project Ingredients don’t Produce Similar Results
  3. The Three Ingredients for Maximum Value of Digital Transformation Projects
  4. There is no substitute for fundamentals

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