Telecom stories from Russia: being on razor of Industry 4.0


Purpose of webinar is to present authors experience in project management with a focus on specifics applicable for IT project management in rapidly developing and growing Telecommunication industry in Russian Federation. The meeting will cover three key elements:

1. A brief introduction to the current state of the telecommunications industry in Russia and its connection both as a tool for implementation and as an independent component of Industry 4.0;

2. Sources and history of successful adoption of the method of Systems Engineering in solving problems arising in project management;

3. A brief introduction to personal experience of project management in Russia. Key success factors to be presented and analyzed.

For the discussion purposes, it will be presented with a risk management framework applicable for different sized projects and approach for preliminary requirements validation for fast-tracking, f.e. Agile-based, projects. Some lessons learned to be presented.

Learning Objectives 

  1. Understanding of the role and current state of modern Telecommunication industry as part, as a tool and as an enabler of Industry 4.0.
  2. Understanding of possible adoption of Systems Engineering approach from perspective of requirements gathering, validation and analysis in Agile-based projects.
  3. Understanding of useful risk management framework based on Systems Engineering standards and method adoption.
  4. Some specifics of project management in Russia.

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