Strategy Implementation Challenges in the New Norm

Strategy Implementation has been facing numerous challenges in the past decades, ranging from lack of insight on strategy implementation versus strategy crafting, cultural barriers to the transformation required and the scarce knowledge about strategy implementation in general.

The pandemic brought even more challenges; to many jeopardizes the mere existence of their business models, and to a few an opportunity beyond expectation. Some organizations were capable to adapt quickly, learned the new normal, strategized and already embarked on their new strategy implementation.

In this webinar, the following four challenges will be discussed by the panelists:

Challenge #1 – How are our strategies affected in the post covid19?

Challenge #2 – What areas do our organizations need to transform?

Challenge #3 – Why Agile, why not go back to the basics instead?

Challenge #4 – What strategy keeps us alive and even stronger in 2030?

Learning Objectives 

  1. Rethinking existing strategies under the effects of the pandemic
  2. Highlighting the importance of transformation, rapidness and agility
  3. Earning a futuristic perspective for survival and growth, beyond the pandemic

Registration link: https://event.webinarjam.com/channel/ADVISORS-WEEK15

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