Organizational Agility – the Core Ingredient of the Future of Work


The Agile Manifesto ignited an agile movement that spread in a viral manner within the software industry, producing numerous agile methods and approaches such as SCRUM, SAFE, Disciplined Agile and much more. But this is only the beginning; as the agile mindset triggered the urge and even the philosophy to be customer-focused, work rapidly and in smaller chunks, empower front-end teams, and accept failing as a means to learn and move forward in a more efficient manner; only condition is to fail fast and learn quickly.

While quite a few organizations endorsed this mindset, Organizational Agility becomes a topic of great interest that requires furthermore exploration to identify the attributes and factors that encompass the right ingredients that can transform business cultures and offer a more nimble strategy based on trust, accountability, integrity and focus on achievements and sustainable benefits.

So, what is organizational agility, and how can it affect our work in the future? Quite intriguing questions, no doubt will require a lot of our thought leader’s time and efforts to shed some light within our exploration for having a better future.

The panel will focus on:

  • How to create an open and transparent organization of the future?
  • What is the right context to aligning across systems and people and thus achieve most valued stakeholders’ experience?
  • Who are the future empathetic leaders and how much do they count on adaptability, risk-taking, and collaboration to succeed?

Learning Objectives

  1. Rethinking existing strategies under the effects of the pandemic
  2. Highlighting the importance of transformation, rapidness, and agility
  3. Earning a futuristic perspective for survival and growth, beyond the pandemic

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