Why the Planning Discipline is So Important in the Sales Process



Organisations that win most of the opportunities that they pursue deliver consistent, customer-focused, messages to prospective customers throughout the buying cycle.  They do this from first contact and all the way through to delivering the final proposal and closing the deal.


The first thing that you can do to help to achieve consistency is plan.  Plans are not the most interesting things to put together.  However, particularly in these times where most of us are working virtually, plans become an invaluable tool for storing and sharing information. 


The information contained within each level of plan should, of course, be relevant to the purpose of the plan itself, and also should inform other relevant plans.


Learning Objectives 

  1. The types of planning documents that should be developed and when to use them
  2. The importance of sharing information to ensure consistency in the sales process
  3. The impact of consistency of approach both internally and externally


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