Show me the Benefits! Optimising the Return from Investments in Change


The reason organisations invest in projects, programs and portfolios is to realise benefits, in terms of: improving services to customers; enhancing profitability and productivity; mitigating risk; and meeting legal/regulatory requirements cost-effectively. Yet research consistently finds that most organisations, public and private, struggle to demonstrate a positive return on their investments in change.  Benefits Management is one solution, but as the PMI and Boston Consulting Group say – “Interest is high but few are doing it well.” 

In this webinar, Steve Jenner, a global authority in the field and author of APMGs 'Managing Benefits', and co-author of Axelos/OGC’s ‘Management of Portfolios’, will outline the main obstacles to more effective practice and practical solutions that have been shown to work, with examples from organisations around the world. 


Learning Objectives 

  1. Understand why projects and programs so often fail to realise the promised benefits
  2. Appreciate the 7 key principles that underpin effective benefits management practices
  3. Gain an insight into how these principles can be applied, with practical examples from organisations around the world.

Registration link: https://event.webinarjam.com/channel/Advisors-Week22

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