Healthcare Resilience and Digitalization are Redefining Project Economy – The Next Paradigm!


COVID 19 has redefined the healthcare industry and its speed of digital transformation. Project economy and the workforce of the future will be the new norm of the healthcare industry worldwide. Healthcare digitalization journey is being accelerated in the last 6 months due to the collaboration of all stakeholders from payers, providers, regulators, pharma, patient advocacy groups to medical technology companies and biotech innovation organizations.

The workforce of the future is becoming a reality during COVID19 as smart and innovative methods are developed to sustain businesses and operations in healthcare. It has become evident that power skills and digital transformation competencies are very necessary to driving resilience in healthcare.

Government spending on healthcare has become a priority and filling in the gaps in a highly competent workforce are driving the disruption of healthcare in preparation for future epidemics. Servant leadership and agile mindset are overtaking traditional culture in healthcare due to the urgency of the life-threatening situation across the globe. Loss of employment and mass infection have forced healthcare industry to adopt the pillars of the future project economy faster than any other industry. This webinar will go through the features and characteristics of the new norm in project-based and digital-enabled healthcare ecosystem.

Learning Objectives 

  1. Understand the current state of the healthcare industry during COVID19
  2. Realize the dependency of healthcare on the project economy during the accelerated digital transformation
  3. Discuss challenges and disruptions in healthcare transformations in case studies across different countries
  4. Review the way forward on best practices in projectifing healthcare industry through digital disruption

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