How to Present the Value of PMO to Executives


According to PMI and other sources, Most PMOs close after 3 years of being implemented, in this webinar, the speaker will explain how to present the value of a PMO to executives, and avoid the perception that the PMO is not adding any value and therefore the close of it after a few years. This webinar will present the steps and the common mistakes made when interacting with executives in any organization as a PMO lead and therefore make sure your PMO is accepted and perceived as a change agent.

List of topics to be covered:

1.- Executive Presence

2.- Executive Reporting

3.- Communication skills

4.- Failing to show the value of a PMO – Suggestions to avoid this common error

Learning Objectives 

  1. Understand how to deal with executives from a PMO perspective
  2. Being resilient and strong when being challenged in a room full of senior team members
  3. Realize that there is no recipe to obtain executive sponsorship but to develop relationships with the senior team members
  4. Adapt reporting methods for senior management and executives

Registration link: https://event.webinarjam.com/channel/Advisors-Week34

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