Every Business Started as a Project!


Richard has spent several decades working on projects and promoting the benefits of project management. He thinks some things are being over complicated.   He will bring together some ideas ranging from the first manned flight to the scale of the digital economy.  Sharing some very personal thoughts on topics such as:-

  • Is Agile really new?
  • Why we need more visionaries than managers?
  • Why are there not more project managers in the boardroom?

The session will be a story rather than containing any real in-depth technical content.  His call to action is for everyone involved in programmes and projects to really recognise the importance of what we do and to improve our success rate.

Learning Outcomes

  1. For people to think more broadly about the impact that programmes and projects have.
  2. The PPM community should spend more time on ensuring appropriate project visions and governance.
  3. Very few things are unique.

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