Applied Project and Stakeholder Management

Workshop Overview

This is a highly interactive workshop that addresses how to identify, monitor, document, and balance crucial information for the successful management of projects.

It also covers the development of a baseline for the project that will allow the efficient compilation and the timely generation of performance comparisons.


This workshop usually marks a milestone in the project management development road map. Participants will be required to develop a comprehensive project plan.


The success of the project is contingent on a variety of factors including and very importantly keeping the stakeholders satisfied. We cannot please everyone; nevertheless, identifying the major stakeholders that can affect one or more initiatives outcomes in a positive or negative manner and seeking to earn their buy-in is quintessential. The workshop is a walk-through over proper guidelines to maintain proper stakeholder engagement and tools & techniques to resolve conflicts.


Learning Objectives

  1. Understand and Practice Applying the Project Planning Framework
  2. Develop a Project Charter
  3. Identify and analyze project stakeholders
  4. Break down project deliverables into manageable items
  5. Estimate activities duration and develop project schedule
  6. Estimate costs and develop realistic budget
  7. Understand quality process to fulfill stakeholder requirements
  8. Map deliverable with project roles and set authorities
  9. Manage hypothetical project risks comprehensively
  10. Develop Full Project Plan
  11. Learn and practice how to deal with multiple stakeholders in complex projects
  12. Understand how to manage stakeholder expectations, including quality and performance expectations
  13. Develop Stakeholder Engagement Strategy
  14. Practice communicating with a variety of stakeholders through role-plays and scenarios
  15. Resolve competing expectations
  16. Manage project and organizational politics 


Course Outline

  • Introduction 
  • Project Planning Framework 
  • Brainstorming Project Ideas & Forming Project Groups 
  • Project Charter 
  • Stakeholder Register 
  • Communication Plan
  • Requirements Documentation 
  • WBS & WBS Dictionary
  • Activity List & Attributes 
  • Project Schedule 
  • Cost Estimates & Budget 
  • Organizational Chart & RACI Matrix 
  • Risk Management
  • Project Stakeholder Management
  • Principles of Stakeholder Management for a Project
  • Case Study: Project Stakeholder Management
  • Communication Management Plans
  • Issue Management
  • Change Management
  • Case Study: Program Stakeholder Management
  • Conflict Resolution (personal, group and organization)
  • Principles of Stakeholder Management for a Portfolio
  • Case Study: Portfolio Stakeholder Management
  • Stakeholder Management Strategies 

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