Virtual Stakeholder Management

In a Virtual environment, we cannot please everyone; nevertheless, identifying the major stakeholders that can affect one or more initiatives outcomes in a positive or negative manner, and seeking to earn their buy-in is quintessential. The workshop is a walkthrough over proper guidelines to maintai

Workshop Overview

Surviving the pandemic, recovery and growth is successful when the respective stakeholders are identified and engaged in a timely and effective manner.

As our organizations transform, we will have to adapt our techniques and methods for stakeholder management and be capable of engaging them virtually, even more efficiently than we did when we had the privilege to shake hands and have business dinners, and this is a real challenge, but might as well be an opportunity!

Learning Objectives

1.Transform stakeholder management processes for identifying, communicating and engagement in a virtual manner

2.Develop a virtual communications management plan

3. Leverage digitalization for enhancing stakeholder engagement

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