Business Analysis: A Healthcare Project Perspective

Workshop Overview

According to PMI 2013 Pulse of the Profession®, “Poor requirements management is a major cause of project failure, second only to changing organization priorities.” Business analysis is a topic of growing importance in project management across several industries especially in the healthcare sector where projects could be more critical and requirements are stringent. The marketplace reflects this importance, as project management practitioners increasingly embrace business analysis as a technique for uncovering business needs, managing requirements, and creating effective solutions to business problems. This course explores business analysis and requirements management from the vantage point of professionals working on a healthcare related projects.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss Fundamental “Business” Analysis Concepts within  the health sector context
  • Understand the Roles of A Business Analyst and Project Manager and Distinguish Between Them
  • Analyze Factors That Lead To Separating or Combining Business Analyst and Project Manager Roles in healthcare
  • Develop a Business Case for the healthcare Project
  • Practice Developing Requirement Management Plan
  • Identify and Analyze Stakeholders
  • Select Appropriate Techniques for Eliciting Stakeholders Requirements in healthcare
  • Understand How to Trace and Monitor Requirements in health projects

Course Outline

  • Needs Assessment for healthcare projects
    • Define Business Requirement
    • Define Value Proposition
    • Develop Project Goals
    • Identify Stakeholders
    • Analyze Stakeholders
  • Planning  
    • Determine Project Context
    • Plan Requirements Traceability
    • Develop Requirements Management Plan
    • Plan Requirements Change Control
    • Plan Document Control
    • Define Project Expected Outcomes
  • Analysis of requirements in healthcare projects
    • Elicit Requirements
    • Elaborate Requirements
    • Validate Requirements to Project Scope
    • Allocate Requirements
    • Get Requirements Signoff
    • Document Requirements
    • Verify Requirements
    • Specify Requirements Expected Results •
  • Traceability & Monitoring  
    • Track Requirements
    • Monitor Requirements Status
    • Update Requirements
    • Communicate Requirements
    • Manage Changes to Requirements 
  • Evaluation  
    • Validate Test Results
    • Analyze Solution Gaps
    • Obtain Stakeholder Acceptance of Solution
    • Evaluate Solution Results 

Workshop Format

Interactive sessions empowered with discussions, exercises and case studies.
Intended Audience   

The workshop is intended for all Professionals practicing or interested in business analysis principles and tools in the healthcare industry, including: Project Managers in organizations related or close to the healthcare industry, physicians, nurses, pharmaceutical industry professionals, medical lab technicians and mangers, hospital directors, managers and general staff.


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