Emotional Intelligence

Workshop Overview

During this workshop you will empower your own personal awareness and skills and break the behavioral habits that threaten your productivity and professional relationships. You will learn to transmute damaging emotional reactions in to constructive standout responses when in emotionally charged situations. You will also acquire practical skills that will help you achieve greater satisfaction at work and at home. 
Learning Objectives

  • Explore the concept of Emotional Intelligence Competencies framework
  • Raise self-awareness on your own behaviors 
  • Identify emotional habits that either drive or derail your performance 
  • Cultivate your intrapersonal and interpersonal skills and acquire tools to communicate and build successful relationships with others while replacing blame with empathy
  • Understand differences in peoples’ behaviors and foster diversity 
  • Learn techniques to control and manage your own emotions and actions while achieving personal and team objectives
  • Initiate a clear Action Plan for development 

Course Outline

  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence 
  • The Link between Emotional Intelligence and Performance 
  • Tools for Self-Awareness 
  • The Effect of Feedback and the Johari Window Model
  • Techniques for Self-control
  • Fostering Motivation
  • Building Social Awareness & Empathy
  • Developing Social Skills: Emotional Intelligence Competencies in the Workplace   

Course Duration

24 Hours 
Workshop Format

Interactive sessions empowered with discussions, exercises and case studies. 

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