High-Impact Writing Skills

Workshop Overview  

This course is designed to provide participants with the skills they need to communicate  and write effectively in the complex and changing contemporary work environment. The major objective of this course is to present comprehensive coverage of real-world concepts in an interesting and lively manner. Participants will be writing letters, reports, and other communications for a specific purpose and will receive detailed feedback. 
Learning Outcomes

  • Apply best practices for written and oral communication.
  • Understand guidelines for sound business writing
  • Write routine, persuasive, and bad-news messages
  • Write Memos
  • Write communications that align with diverse audiences
  • Use diplomatic and politically correct language
  • Plan and write rigorous reports
  • Write powerful business letters and e-mails  

 Course Outline

  • Understanding Business Communication
    • Focuses on the challenges of contemporary communication, such as diversity, and communication with virtual teams. 
  • Work-Team Communication 
    • Helps participants understand the relationship between ethics and communication and how to translate that in writing
    • Explains communicating in work teams through meetings and state-of-the-art writing when done in teams 
  • Writing with Style: Individual Elements  
    • Provides an explanation of “writing style.”
    • Emphasizes the choice of right words and how important writing effective sentences is, and pitfalls to avoid.  
  • Writing with Style: Overall tone and Readability 
    • Explains how logical paragraphs are to be developed and what tone is to be used 
  • The Process of Writing
    • Identifies the five different steps in the writing process: planning, drafting, revising, formatting, and proofreading    
  • Routine Messages  
    • Examines how routine messages (Memos, replies, claim letters, and adjustment letters) are written.  
  • Persuasive Messages 
    • Examines how persuasive messages are planned and how persuasive requests are organized.  
  • Bad-News Messages
    • Explains how bad-news messages, replies, and announcements are written
  • Collecting and Analyzing Data & Planning the Report  
    • Addresses the collection of data through questionnaires and interviews
    • Explains how charts and tables are constructed 
    • Explains the characteristics of business reports and differentiates among common types of reports.  
  • Writing the Report  

Course Duration

30 Hours 
Workshop Format

Interactive sessions with many exercises, discussions and in class group workshops 
Intended Audience

All types of audiences and industries. 

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