High-Impact Presentation Skills for Physicians and MDs

Workshop Overview 
This public speaking course is designed to help medical doctors and physicians become better communicators and offer high-impact presentations. Participants will be exposed to concepts on how to analyze the audience, customize material for the audience, research, organize, and develop a powerful speech or presentation especially in the healthcare industry context. They will also have the opportunity to understand how highly reputable presenters and speakers put together and offer memorable presentations. Participants will also practice presenting and will receive professional feedback for their performance. 
Learning Objectives

  • Identify the process of communication and its importance to physicians  
  • Gain Tools to Conduct Research for Presentations related to healthcare projects
  • Analyze success factors for some historical or highly successful speeches  
  • Develop map of presentations in healthcare
  • Use tools and techniques for connecting with audience  
  • Use pedagogical tools and techniques for retention and impact 

Workshop Outline

  • How to Practice Public Speaking
  • How to Connect with Your Audience
  • How to Handle Difficult Questions  
  • Offer Constructive Feedback to Presenters  
  • Persuasive Tools & Techniques
  • Logical Fallacies  
  • Presentations- Evaluations 

Course Duration

24 hours 
Intended Audience

Project Managers in organizations related or close to the healthcare industry, physicians, medical doctors, residents, medical helpers, medical assistant staff, hospital directors, managers and general staff. 

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