Innovation Management

Workshop Overview

This course offers the participants a way into the realms of innovation. Over the three very interactive days, the participants will learn what exactly innovation management is, why it is critical, some proven tools and techniques, and then they will have the opportunity to innovate around the "Business Opportunity Map" and present their innovative ideas to the facilitator and other participants. 
Learning Objectives

  • Learn that building strategies always start with defining technological and non-technological trends, human needs, and identifying the underserved segments
  • Learn that developing a superior product and service is not only about its standalone value but equally important about the complementary products and services
  • Learn how you can build a community around its brand, products and services
  • Apply techniques to lock your customers into your services, retain them & attract more customers
  • Identify business partners and Learn how to establish links with potential customers early in the customer experience cycle.
  • Develop a full innovation strategy for a new product/service 

Course Outline 

  • Introduction
  • What is Innovation?
  • The need to innovate
  • Understanding the market 
  • The offering 
  • The business model 
  • The business model
  • Delivery and Channels 
  • Putting it all together  

Course Duration

24 Hours 
Workshop Format

Interactive sessions empowered with discussions, exercises and case studies. 
Intended Audience

Managers responsible for innovation in their organizations. The program will also appeal to those who have experience in a non-management area, but wish to increase their skills and knowledge to launch their own enterprises or introduce new products or services to the market. 

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