Managing Quality in Projects

Workshop Overview  
The dilemma of project quality has always been the – or rather the lack of – adaptation of quality management tools into project management. The reason is mainly that these tools have been long customized for operational environments rather than projects. The aim of this course is to identify and integrate suitable tools for quality management in projects. Taking the PMI model for quality in perspective, these tools are explained, appropriated, discussed and applied to various scenarios and cases having in mind utility and practicality. 
Learning Objectives

  • Understanding project quality
  • Appropriating tools for project quality management
  • Applying these tools into practical contexts
  • Analyzing results of application
  • Performing quality audits on projects
  • Integrating the quality management process into project management  

Workshop Outline  

  • Quality foundations
    • Quality in the project management domain 
    • Definition of quality 
    • Cost of quality 
    • Benefits of quality
  • Contemporary quality applications to projects
    • Progressive history
    • Quality cycle
  • Quality paradigms
    • Pioneers
    • Perspectives 
  • Project quality planning
    • Management plan
    • Identifying stakeholders and requirements
    • Identifying standards
  • Project quality assurance
    • Developing activities & metrics
    • Quality assurance plan and audits
  • Project quality control and improvement
    • Inspection and control tools
    • Improvement methodologies
  • Collecting project data
    • Collection tools
    • Data understanding
      • Graphs
      • Pareto charts 
      • Histograms
      • Scatter diagrams 
  • Understanding project processes 
    • Flow charts
    • Run charts
    • Control charts 
  • Analyzing project processes 
    • Analytical tools
    • Cause-effect diagrams
    • Pillar diagrams
  • Solving project problems 
    • Brainstorming
    • Force field analysis
    • Affinity diagrams
    • Nominal group technique and multi-voting 
  • Common project practices
    • Compliance matrix
    • Peer review
    • Statistical inference 

Course Duration

24 hours  
Workshop Format  

Interactive sessions matched with exercises, mini-cases and discussions. 
Intended Audience  

The workshop is intended for Quality managers, Project managers, technical managers, Sponsors, Business leaders, General managers, Strategic consultants, Functional managers, Accreditation officers, Business evaluators, Standardization organizations. 

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