Project Planning and Scheduling

The course will cover key concepts of planning & scheduling. The course addresses how

to identify, monitor, and balance information crucial for the successful management of

projects. It will discuss the development of a baseline for the project that will allow the

efficient compilation and the timely generation of quantitative performance comparisons.

The comparisons highlight significant performance departures ("actual vs. baseline") and

allow for preventive and early remedial and corrective actions. 


Learning Objectives

  • Ability to develop a project schedule 
  • Construct project WBS and activity network diagrams to identify the sequence of work.
  • Develop schedules and compress them using a variety of methods.
  • Effectively assign resources and cost to build a realistic baseline schedule.
  • Perform schedule analysis and recommend corrective actions to keep the project on track.
  • Build readable and reliable project reports to keep stakeholders informed on progress. 

Course Outline

  • Defining Planning & Scheduling
  • Introduction to Scope, Time and Cost Management
  • Creating Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)
  • Adding Activities
  • Creating Relationships
  • Estimating Duration
  • Understanding Resources o Estimating Activities’’ Resources
  • Comparing Effort & Duration
  • Developing Project Schedule
  • Comparing Project Management Plan & Project Schedule
  • Scheduling the Project Plan
  • Optimizing the Project Plan
  • Baselining the Project Plan
  • Updating the Project Plan
  • Analyzing the Project Performance
  • Reporting the Project Progress

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