Dr. Al Zeitoun

Global Innovation Strategist, Chief Executive, Operational Excellence & Scaling Expert, Speaker, Author & Board Member
Senior Consultant

Transformative Strategy Execution / Performance Capacity and Talent Building Global Executive who leverages deep expertise in system thinking, portfolio, program, and project management to close the gap between strategy development and execution across diverse industries. Uses strategic insight informed by engineering and business knowledge and experience to advance leadership practices, spread portfolio, program, and project management talent worldwide, and successfully drive complex organizational transformations.

Regarded as a global citizen, speaker and thought leader enabling the agile transformations required for achieving sustainable organizational excellence worldwide. The vast experiences in managing portfolios of programs and projects, designing and rolling out Strategic Plans, Strategic PMOs, and Program Execution Methodologies built the foundation for being the Profession’s Futurist. Viewed as a strong corporate strategist, planner, facilitator, integrator, executive coach, open thinker, and culturally diverse leader who enables realizing organizational strategic benefits.

• Led agile and dynamic strategy implementations, such as with the $40 Billion Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) country roadmap, and the governing of $21 Billion strategic initiatives for the Veteran Administration (VA)

• Built the Portfolio and Program Management Office services of hundreds of Millions of Dollars pipeline at Booz Allen Hamilton, while doubling the proposals win percentage

• Developed and delivered targeted portfolio / project management and leadership capabilities, achieving cost savings in the Millions

• Delivered top rated global keynotes and over 1200 training and coaching sessions on a diverse set of strategic, talent building, and future business topics, and authored subject matter publications

• Led multiple world class success stories focused on sustainable PMO and organizational culture maturity