Ahmad Khraizat

A 15 years+ experience computer engineer spending most of my career in direct and indirect Business Development Field with a proven record of Building & Leading teams, Developing and Governing Processes.

I am a challenger leader looking always to enhance and develop the Productivity and Efficiency of myself as well as the team working with.
Some skills that describe my level of professionalism are: Accountability, Strong Presentation, Communication and Negotiation Skills, Outstanding Problem-Solving abilities, in addition to my calm personality. Good listening is an additional skill that would help me in achieving my goals.

Through my career life, I have been gradually moving from one level to another, adding value to business owners, companies & teams that I am working with. Starting as a sales representative, moving to Account Management then Business Development roles that opened for me the speciality within Bid management field where I built an extensive experience in this niche area.

Today I present myself as a key player within the ICT industry in the bid management field that combines gathered knowledge in different functions like Project Management, Sales, Business Development, Finance, Team Management and Leadership.

Bid Management Capabilities

Setting up Bid Management Department following Best Practices and Global Bid Management Standards, Define roles and responsibilities, Track Bids log record for future analysis and enhancements, define the proposal development life cycle, Assure Gate reviews are followed and in place, Energize and motivate bid management team, Share Best Practices and Lessons Learned, lead Mega Proposals developments and support the Organization to achieve required KPIs.