7 Habits for a Highly Productive Ramadan in Your Team

7 Habits for a Highly Productive Ramadan in Your Team

by Radhia Benalia, PhD, PMP, PMI-RMP, Green Project Manager

Let’s cut through the chase. For many, Ramadan is not a month of stellar productivity at work. This is unfortunate because staying up till dawn to check every soap on cable TV or Youtube defeats the purpose of how Ramadan nights should be spent (although, of course, it is not the case for everyone). 

In any event, as a supervisor, manager, or executive, if you’d like to keep the little bunny going during this blessed month, here are some tips: 

1- Organize a SayuBaan Ramadan (A get-together before Ramadan) where you meet with your team around a meal, and remind them of the full picture. Show them how a lack of productivity might affect the company’s (and of course their) SMART objectives and theirs for the entire year.

2- It’s often a good time in companies – with less “work” during Ramadan –to take a zoom-out moment. Perform some strategic planning and get the team involved. It would also be a nice time to discuss possible coaching plans and development opportunities for team members and to do retrospective or lessons learned on what we've done well, what we could improve, and what we should certainly stop or change. 

3- Brainstorm together interesting projects for your team members during Ramadhan, and set reasonable deadlines. Working under some pressure (Don’t push it) might prevent some employees from just hanging out purposelessly. Set interim deadlines to help things move more surely.

4- Organize learning circles where employees share knowledge through short presentations ( for less than an hour per topic). Taking an online course or attending webinars would certainly be productive if the topics are well selected and a target list is defined from the beginning. I have always cherished to opportunities I've had during this blessed month to read, write, and learn quite a bit.

5- Offer incentives (and they don’t have to be immense) for projects successfully completed (maybe some time off).

6- Allow shorter working days. When employees know they can get home early and maybe take a short nap, it will help them feel better about the hours spent at the office.

7- It is very hot in many parts of the world. So ensure that conditioning is acceptable in the office.

It is very important that the month ends on a sense of achievement for everyone and at a both professional and personal levels . I hope this was helpful.

What do you do to keep your organization productive during Ramadan?

For more tips, reach out for Radhia on: radhia.benalia@advisors.co/Twitter: @RadhiaBenalia

Written on 17 May, 2018

Edited 17 January, 2019