Our Drive

  • We believe in crafting and sharing authentic knowledge that makes our organizations better.
  • We take joy in networking our partners with the thought-leaders of our domain.
  • We feel pride in enhancing our partners’ lives through Strategy, Consulting and Education.
  • We do this with Integrity and Professionalism; yesterday, today and tomorrow.
  • We have no clients, only partners.

Message from our CEO

In challenging times, there can be an opportunity, for those who assess, strategize well and then wear their running shoes!

It is all a question of perspective and defiance. ADVISORS refused to be bounded and captive, both emotionally and mentally by the spreading chaos, confusion and curfew. Instead, our teams invested their innovative and diligent determination to benefit our partners, affiliates and communities.

We developed the ADVISORS Webinar Channel – Surviving the Pandemic to share knowledge as a great enablement for improved morale, resilience and as a cure for numerous pains. In 10 weeks, we had over 1500 registrations with over 400 attending each session. We are heartfully thankful for our Advisors’ generous sharing, affiliates’ collaboration and partners’ loyalty. We cherish the trust and pledge to continue to offer back more to our profession and communities.

CEO Image

Furthermore, ADVISORS is now Associate Partner for the prestigious Gulf Downstream Association, established by ARAMCO, KPI, KNPC, BAPCO and ADNOC. Our objective is to remain in the vicinity of our partners in the oil and gas sector and offer them more value.

Not least, nor last, ADVISORS became partner for Strategy Implementation Institute, which is focused on alleviating the strategy realization gap, an aging challenge that keeps CEOs awake at night.

Did I forget to mention that ADVISORS has no clients; only partners!


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