Augmented Reality

The real world is changed and augmented through the overlay of holographic images. Through the use of goggle-type headsets or mobile applications, users are able to still fully see the real world, while also being able to see 3D models.


Virtual Reality

Users are completely immersed in a virtual world. This usually means wearing a full head set, and holding a set of controllers. When using virtual reality, one is not able to see the world around them, instead only seeing the virtually created environment.


Immersion • Visualization • Communication

VizworX exults for being the bridge between the future of what-could-be and the past of what-we’re-used-to. Immersive technologies enables us to bring your designs, models, ideas, and data to 3D fruition. Depending on which type of immersive technology we utilize, we are able to impose a 3D model in reality or fully immerse the user into a virtual realm. Beyond being the forefront of visualization, immersive technologies facilitates the presentation of your product in a deeply engaging multi sensory digital experience for your team, and your client. This promotes a cohesive environment to promote growth and communication between all members involved, which translates into business growth.