SHIPLEY Writing Winning Proposals

Workshop Overview

Shipley’s Writing Winning Proposals workshop is proven to teach proposal team members a repeatable, systematic approach to proposal preparation, for better customer responsiveness, with lower proposal costs.  The Writing Winning Proposals workshop is a two-day workshop that addresses all elements of the proposal process.  The workshop specifically addresses activities which take place between the Bid/No Bid Decision and the Submit Proposal decision gates. 
Learning Objectives

  • Develop succinct, customer focused proposals, that show understanding of the customer’s vision and issues  
  • Consistently formulate, and articulate powerful sales messages, using proven emphasis devices  
  • Offer clear, discriminating, value propositions, over and above basic price information  
  • Deliver proposals in a format that evaluators find easier to evaluate positively  
  • Manage the proposal development and review process to ensure delivery of the right content, first time 

Course Outline 

  • Customer Hot Buttons  
  • Opportunity Qualification 
  • Bidder Comparison Matrix 
  • Proposal Scheduling 
  • Proposal Strategy Statements 
  • Content Planning
  • Value Propositions
  • Graphics and Captions
  • Theme Statements
  • Proposal Review 

Course Duration

16 Hours 
Workshop Format

Interactive sessions matched with exercises, discussions, and workshops. 
Intended Audience Senior Managers, Account/Capture Managers, Proposal Managers, Proposal Contributors, Commercial/Legal staff, Estimators, Marketing staff. 

This course is registered on PMI.org