Knowledge Management

Workshop Overview

This course is a thorough coverage of the latest theory and practice of Knowledge Management (KM).  It solidly covers the «hard» technical components of computer tools and technology for managing knowledge without losing sight of the «soft» management needs and challenges in leveraging knowledge effectively within an organization.

Learning Objectives

  • Perform KM using KM Metrics, interactive exercises, tips and tools for success
  • Build better collaboration/communication; spark innovation among colleagues
  • Transform your organization or customer into a true “Learning Organization”
  • Establish a Knowledge Audit, including innovative ways to do Knowledge Mapping
  • Develop the KM Vision for your company, including a solid strategy to get there
  • Initiate with your peers successful Communities of Practice
  • Discover usable, real-world KM principles and keys to success

Course Outline

Day One

Learn the “KM Essentials”- a guide to practical KM and the role of the KM leader

Day Two

Study the KM Institute Methodology to Perform KM, intro to KM Bulls/Squirrels™ 
Day Three

Track through the Methodology, learn how to Perform KM Course


3 Days

Workshop Format

Interactive sessions matched with exercises, discussions, and workshops.

Intended Audience/Who Should Attend

The KM is ideal for anyone tasked to lead a KM initiative or improve an existing one – or those interested in gaining a solid grasp of common KM principles at an advanced level with hands-on experience performing KM. CKM Graduates range from KM workers to managers, government to commercial, and just about everyone in between.