Portfolio Management: Selecting Beneficial Projects and Programs for Realizing Organizational Strategy

Workshop Overview

This course is designed for participants to effectively gain understanding of portfolio alignment and selection that balances between supply and demand projects in any organization with the main objective of increasing sustained organizational benefits.  Special focus on Performance Management is an integral domain of portfolio management, where Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are identified for both the Portfolio in realizing organizational strategy, and the subsequent KPIs for the respective project and programs. Moreover, this course provides a new structured approach on how to initiate a new project or program to increase its chances of success. The course covers the role and traits of Engaged Sponsors, focusing on Clarity, Significance, Alignment, and Premium Executive Support for the success of project, programs, ultimately leading to realizing organizational strategy. 
Learning Objectives

  1. Understand what a Portfolio is and how it maps into Project, Programs, Organizational Project Management and Strategy.
  2. Identify the value of demand and supply projects to the organization
  3. Better understand performance management how to identify KPIs for Portfolio and respective Projects and Programs 
  4. Develop a complete project charter for a new project or program
  5. Learn the essential role for a Sponsor and executive engagement
  6. Practice the newly acquired concepts through hands-on activities and interactive exercises & discussions using a variety of case studies   

Course Outline

  • Strategic portfolio management
  • Benefits Management for Sustainable Operations
  • Balancing Supply and demand projects and programs
  • Internal capacity building for demand projects and programs
  • Internal capacity building for supply projects and programs
  • Portfolio Performance Management
  • Setting Portfolio KPIs
  • Setting Project and Program KPIs
  • Developing realistic Project and Program Charters
  • Sponsorship Role
  • Executive Engagement 

Course Duration

5 days - 24 Hours 
Workshop Format

Seminars, Interactive sessions matched with exercises and discussions. 
Intended Audience

Portfolio Management Executives, Directors and Managers 


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