Strategy Implementation Professional (SIP)®

Strategy Implementation Professional - SIP certification - the first global credential of its kind


The current generation of leaders is taught how to plan but not how to implement!

This course is developed by strategy implementation experts, Harvard Business Review Author, and practitioners. The Institute’s certification course is based on rigorous standards and ongoing research to meet the real-world needs of organizations.

The seven-course module is open to everyone that wants to develop further their skills and learn the fundamentals, best practices, and key tools for strategy implementation. The course is built on the Strategy Implementation Roadmap® (SIR) which provides a step-by-step guide on "how" to implement strategy.

“One of the most cited business quotes is ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’ but it isn’t as simple as that. Strategy defines the company’s goals for people to focus on. Culture is based on values and beliefs, often unspoken, and guides activity through shared assumptions and behaviour. In my view they have to coexist.

We are in the middle of a massive disruption in the way we do business and many organisations have already achieved change at a speed and to a scale they couldn’t have imagined as recently as 3 months ago. Many more will need to follow suit. Old strategies will be shredded and new ones created very rapidly.

After the storm has passed, there will be a need for competent professionals to help organisations execute their new strategies in an agile and unrelenting manner. An organisation will have to efficiently execute that strategy.  This course provides practical advice on bringing a strategy to life so your organisation  can  achieve its goals. While you have time, gaining a certification in Strategy Implementation will both prepare you to step up to this challenge for your organisation and also set you apart from others.  As T. Boone Pickens said “A plan without action isn’t a plan, it’s a speech.” Speeches won’t cut it in the future, trained and certified people will.” 

The Strategy Implementation Institute is working in association with APMG International, one of the largest professional accreditation organizations, to increase competencies and recognition of implementation professionals. We have jointly developed the Strategy Implementation Professional – SIP – certification, the first global credential of its kind. 

Course Benefits

Course participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the challenges of implementation
  2. Demonstrate proficiency in implementation
  3. Apply the seven modules of the Strategy Implementation Roadmap
  4. Build a clear understanding and comprehension of the four phases - crafting, embedding, executing and sustaining
  5. Learn the step-by-step Strategy Implementation Roadmap (SIR) and the Strategy Implementation Body of Knowledge (SIBoK)

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for:

  • Change and Transformation Directors, Senior Executives
  • Middle managers looking to enhance their implementation skills
  • Leaders responsible for implementing strategy and improving the business performance
  • Project managers looking to complement their capabilities with strategy implementation skills
  • Individuals looking to improve themselves to create new opportunities
  • People who are passionate about strategy implementation
  • Organizations who are looking to give their employees the right skills to successfully implement strategies


Course Topics

The course consists of the following modules:

  1. Leadership Execution
  2. Financial Value
  3. Business Model
  4. Culture Evolving
  5. Stakeholder Management
  6. Employee Engagement
  7. Tracking Performance

Each module has four levels: Crafting, Embedding, Executing and Sustaining.

Upon completing the course, you have an access voucher to apply for the exam and be eligible to sit for the – optional - Strategy Implementation Professional (SIP) provided in partnership with APMG International.


Courses can be either offered in classroom (traditional), or Virtual (Online/Live)

All ADVISORS courses will follow a rigorous Quality Control process outlined in the Course Administration Process Flow which is based on ADVISORS approved APMG International Quality Manual.

An Administrator from ADVISORS will be the main role to carry out this process, although it is envisaged that the Trainer or the Lead Trainer could take over for strategically important customers. Furthermore, some specific activities have specific roles requirements, especially courses that include the official exam (e.g. invigilators, scan & shred operators).

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