SFIA - Skills and Capabilities for the Digital Age

The industry-led skills and competency framework for the digital world


SFIA is an industry-led framework for the digital world, it defines the skills and competencies required by professionals who design, develop, implement, manage and protect the data and technology that power the digital world. Training in the SFIA framework and its use is the best way to gain a good understanding of the framework and an insight into how it can be used effectively to deliver real benefits in enhancing the capability of an organisation through the management of the skills of its staff.

Course Benefits

By using SFIA, organisations can achieve a consistent and integrated skills and people management system to:

  1. Plan and organize (Design roles and structure, Conduct workforce planning)
  2. Acquire (Source/recruit the right skills)
  3. Deploy (Assign work by capability)
  4. Assess (Assess skills and performance)
  5. Analyse (Identify gaps and opportunities)
  6. Develop (Build career pathways, capability & performance)
  7. Reward (Compensate and reward)

Who Should Attend?

SFIA training is for people who have a background in the management of professional skills, whether relating to recruitment, HR, deployment, assessment, learning and development, remuneration, general resource management or in the enhancement of an organisation's capability through enhancing the skills that it has available.


Course Topics

  • Sophia's story - As an employee
  • SkillsTx from a leaders/managers perspective
  • Sophia's story - As a leader/manager
  • SkillsTx from a senior leader/executive perspective
  • Sean's story - As a senior leader/executive
  • Assessment types and approaches
  • How to use SFIA
  • Review the Assessor documentation
  • Skills Discussion Agenda Guide / Checklist / Form
  • Mapping career development
  • Capability Development Plans
  • Approaches to assessment
  • SharePoint Developer
  • Project Manager role profile
  • SFIA Generic Levels of Responsibility
  • SFIA Categories, Views, Alignment and Templates
  • Strategy and architecture
  • Change and transformation
  • Development and implementation
  • Delivery and operation
  • Skills and quality
  • Relationships and engagement
  • Sample Job Description
  • Building a SFIA-based Role Profile or Job Description
  • Reviewing a CV or Resume using SFIA
  • Practicalities of using SFIA
  • Assessing Skills using SFIA
  • Assessing Skills & Implementing SFIA


Courses can be either offered as classroom (traditional), or Virtual (Online/Live)

All ADVISORS courses will follow a rigorous Quality Control process outlined in the Course Administration Process Flow which is based on ADVISORS approved APMG International Quality Manual.

An Administrator from ADVISORS will be the main role to carry out this process, although it is envisaged that the Trainer or the Lead Trainer could take over for strategically important customers. Furthermore, some specific activities have specific roles requirements, especially courses that include the official exam (e.g. invigilators, scan & shred operators).

For registration, 

Your contact person for these courses and sending your nominations is:

Amal Al-Aamer


Or contact: mustafa.elkurdi@advisors.co

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