Leadership and Team Management for Career Women

Workshop Overview

Female professionals nowadays still struggle with trying to find a “balance” between their careers and their homes while pursuing to establish a model for leadership and influence in their families as well as in the workplace. This course will focus on integration according to one’s priorities. It is also an in-depth look into oneself and a journey into the art of influence while keeping integrity of character and resilience. The material aligns with the PMI Talent Triangle. Leadership development happens also through dedicated practice; however, participants will have the chance to focus on crucial elements and significantly improve through insight acquired by activities, exercises, reflections, and hypothetical responses to crises. 

Learning Objectives

  • Identify and Understand own leadership practices and challenges
  • Understand Strategy & Alignment in Execution
  • Develop approach to optimize strengths and overcome weaknesses
  • Set and Maintain a culture of Energy Management
  • Plan and have more productive and self-rewarding days
  • Set a culture of sustainability for one’s self, team, and organization  
  • Assess situation for timely ethical decisions
  • Plan for Better Team Member Development
  • Appraise and Choose ways to motivate team
  • Develop Comprehensive Leadership Plan Development 

Course Outline

  • Lack of Leadership – Impact on team, family, organization & country
  • Leadership in Integration of Life Priorities
  • Genuine-ism and Individualism o Decision Making & Accountability
  • Sustainability in Lifestyle
  • Leadership in Meetings, Time Management
  • Talent Management and Development (Coaching & Mentoring)
  • Motivation
  • Leadership in Resilience and Career Pursuit
  • Diplomacy vs. Indulgence  
  • Science of Persuasion 

Course Duration

24 Hours 
Workshop Format

Interactive sessions empowered with discussions, exercises and case studies. 
Intended Audience

All types of audiences and industries. 

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Course Offering

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