PMO Workshops


This workshop presents a practical approach to PMO Improvements that will enhance the chances of completing the improvements successfully. Topics that will be discussed throughout this course are: The identification of risks and delays, project resource conflicts, managing multiple projects, throughput, behavioral management and other critical areas everyone involved in Project Management should learn in order to deliver value to their organization. Case studies and practice sessions help participants learn from each other successful practices, Identify how to apply these practices up, across, and down the organization, especially in politically-charged situations.


This course is designed for participants to effectively gain understanding of portfolio alignment and selection that balances between supply and demand projects in any organization with the main objective of increasing sustained organizational benefits.
Special focus on Performance Management is an integral domain of portfolio management, where Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are identified for both the Portfolio in realizing organizational strategy, and the subsequent KPIs for the respective project and programs.
Moreover, this course provides a new structured approach on how to initiate a new project or program to increase its chances of success.
The course covers the role and traits of Engaged Sponsors, focusing on Clarity, Significance, Alignment, and Premium Executive Support for the success of project, programs, ultimately leading to realizing organizational strategy.

Managing Successful Programs

Programs are setup, managed and operated to produce benefits for the government, society, environment and individual beneficiaries. They establish operations units or organizations that sustain operations far after the programs are over. Often, programs do manage change and transform existing organizations to cope with the expectations of their beneficiaries.

Dates of Workshops

Workshop Date Location Price
Hurghada Executive Courses with Diving (Portfolio) 13 – 16 Sep, 2018 Hurghada As per request Register
Reinventing the PMO ( How to Establish a Successful PMO) 23 – 25 Sep, 2018 Jeddah SR 6,000 Register
How to Establish a Successful PMO 21 – 23 Oct, 2018 Riyadh SR 6,000 Register
Reinventing the PMO ( How to Establish a Successful PMO) 25 – 27 Nov, 2018 Dammam SR 6,000 Register
Managing Successful Programs 16 – 18 Dec, 2018 Dammam SR 6,000 Register